The 3 Flavors of Sitecore Cortex: How Machine Learning helps Marketing


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ML has been globally seen as one of the key drivers of digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence and ML have the potential to create an additional $2.6 trillion in value by 2020 in Marketing & Sales,- McKinsey.

Sitecore 9.1 has introduced Machine Learning in 3 Flavors:

1. Personalization suggestions: The crawl step

2. Content Tagging: The walk step

3. Predictive Outcomes: The run step 

Join us to learn more about the features from Petr Anderle, Marketing Consultant on Sitecore's SBOS team, and hear what you need to do to get there as well as how Sitecore clients are employing Machine Learning on their websites today from Jaina Baumgartner, Sitecore Strategy MVP and Director of Marketing Strategy and Architecture at Altudo.

Watch the video now to:

  • Welcome Cortex - What is available with Sitecore 9.1 for a digital marketer?
  • How to get started and how to be successful with Cortex?
  • The prerequisites for ML - strategy, activities and resources
  • Data as an integral part of Cortex - Altudo Connectors
  • Example of a successful ML program - Altudo case study


Petr Anderle

Marketing Consultant, Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies

Petr is a member of SBOS Marketing Consulting. He helps Sitecore clients and partners drive successful adoption, and ongoing use of Sitecore Experience Platform through advanced digital marketing techniques such as - user profiling, context marketing (personalization) or marketing automation.


Jaina Baumgartner

Sitecore Digital Strategist and Architect | Director, Technical Architecture - Altudo

Jaina is a highly experienced Sitecore Solution Architect with a very strong understanding of Sitecore bests. She has led 30 person teams, and actively manages Sitecore customers in terms of marketing outcomes including full XM (Sitecore Experience Capabilities), CRM integration, Path Analyze, etc.

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