GCC Enhances User Experience and Eases Travel-Trip Building for Visitors by Revamping Websites



Grand Circle Corporation (GCC) is the largest leisure, travel and tourism brand for Americans in the 50+ age demographic. Established in 1958, today they are located in Boston, Massachusetts, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. They own a fleet of small ships and cruisers and run three brands, namely Grand Circle Cruise Line, Overseas Adventure Travel, and Grand Circle Travel. Their unique itineraries and excellence position them as the industry leader in their domain.



  • Architectural consulting and planning for their websites
  • Improve site performance, reduce page load time
  • Reduce CPU and memory consumption
  • Migrating to a smarter version of Sitecore, to improve their brand presence and enable aggressive marketing

How We Helped

  • Provided architectural consulting and CMS implementation services
  • Upgraded brand websites from Sitecore 8.2 Update 3 to 7
  • Redesign of main navigation for both the websites
  • Redesign of Product pages to increase the site visibility
  • Migration of analytics of the website to Adobe Launch.
  • Implement Sitecore caching for components(renderings) on home and product pages
  • Bundling and minification of Java script and CSS
  • Optimized all Ajax calls throughout the websites


  • Launch time for the homepage and product pages reduced by 75%
  • Better UX on the website and improved site navigation
  • Increased user time spent on product and itinerary pages by 10%
  • Reduced Home Page Load Time to 2.52 Seconds(from 12 seconds)
  • Reduced Product Page Load Time to 4.58 Seconds(from 18 seconds )
  • Load time under 5 seconds under load (1000 concurrent users)
  • Personalization of navigation based on the type of users
  • Simplified the Global Navigation across both OAT and GCT sites
  • Increased time on Itinerary page by 10%
  • Introduced the ability to print the whole Product Itinerary page.
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