A Pest Control Business Optimizes Digital Performance and Customer Experience (CX)



Founded in 1924, the client in a family-owned Canadian Pest Control business, primarily into manufacturing pesticides. They have evolved into a service company and have branches across Canada and the USA. They bring specialized, experienced service to customers who are looking for fast, safe, and effective solutions to their pest problems.




The client was operating one brand website and multiple microsites available in four languages as an interface to their business, where a majority of business inquiries were generated online. Their challenges were:

  • They needed expertise in managing their content architecture, and revamp their website for enhanced brand visibility, improved CX, and generate quality leads
  • Lack of centralized media library, lack of personalization and engagement on the website
  • Need for improvement in website design, performance, and navigation
  • Lack of intuitive search functionality for website visitors
  • Sluggish time-to-market for new web pages
  • Need for improvement in CX and engagement need for website scalability & a scalable backend architecture

How We Helped

Our team worked with the client to align their business KPIs & goals to their digital strategy. Next, we revamped their new website design and backend architecture, to align with their content marketing and business needs.

Seamless, Personalized Experiences:

Our team implemented the Sitecore XP and HELIX architecture. This helped the client leverage Sitecore multisite feature to provide a seamless launch of new mini-sites for the customer. The centralized, unified web architecture helped reduce their time-to-market, streamline their workflows, and provide scalability.

  • Our team enabled the client to drive personalization and provide a customized view of services, offers, and content to their potential customers, depending upon the location and business model.
  • We helped the client set up personalization rules and orchestrate brand messaging based on Geo-location, Visit Frequency, Personas, Pattern Cards and, most importantly, as residential or business users.

Improved website engagement:

  • We rebuilt their website on a flexible, scalable architecture, which helped them enhance their website performance and navigation
  • Implemented Solr search for quick, relevant search results, and improved customer experience
  • Leveraged Sitecore forms for fast set-up of webpages and improving lead quality
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