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Forrester names Sitecore as Leader in Web CMS: 3 Ways it is Beneficial for Brands

Forrester Names Sitecore

Riding on improved content analytics, APIs, and cross-channel delivery Sitecore has been named as a leader in web content management system (WCMS), by the latest Forrester Wave report, this week. As Sitecore Platinum partners and one of the first adopters of the platform, this is great tidings for all of us at Altudo.

At present, customers desire 1:1 personalization and will engage with your brand in their own time and across the channel of their preference. This warrants a rapidly evolving web content management system market, and the Forrester report is a definite sign of a shifting paradigm in digital marketing.

In the report, Forrester states, “vendors that can provide flexible content architecture, smarter content management, and flexible cross-channel delivery position themselves to successfully support their organization’s experience-led transformation.”

In this blog, we aim to cover the 3 top reasons why this recent news is beneficial for your business:

1. Innovation-led Platform = Enhanced CX & Better ROI

Since inception, Sitecore has placed a special significance on continuous innovation, which makes Sitecore superior, compared to other market players. For a long time, Sitecore has offered integrated web analytics via the Experience Analytics feature. This provides brands with key insights to engagement value offered across their site according to business goals.

Moreover, a 360-degree view of the customer is now a reality, with a Sitecore 9 upgrade and its xConnect feature. Personalization and segment discovery has also received a boost, with the help of Sitecore Cortex that leverages machine learning. Other key features include multilingual & multi-site management, advanced A/B and multivariate testing, rules-based & behavioral targeting, and others.

Upgrade to Sitecore 9.1 Using this Handy Guide

2. One to One Personalized Content & Seamless Integrations

1:1 personalization is the order of the day, and research shows that organizations that personalized have achieved an average of 19% conversion uplift in leads. Sitecore is the go-to web CMS brand for you to provide the most relevant, and individualized experiences. This is due to Sitecore’s continued focus on separating content from presentation.

This has enabled customers to model information architecture that is best suited to specific enterprise needs. Furthermore, it is easier to create and reuse content across multiple channels, regardless of the presentation.

Additionally – focus on ‘ease of integrations’ is what makes Sitecore stand out from competition. From numerous fit-for-purpose APIs to xConnect for analytics data interchange, to the Data Exchange Framework for synchronizing content – all are a direct result of emphasis on integrations within Sitecore.

3. Robust Support for Omnichannel Marketing & Sitecore Cloud

Mobile devices, form factors and content distribution channels are spiraling, with every passing day. Under Sitecore Omni™ - the Universal Tracker takes care of this by enriching mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) experiences. With JavaScript Service capabilities, developers can easily craft native experiences in the React, Angular, and Vue frameworks with complete behavioral tracking, personalization, optimization, and real-time previews in the Experience Editor.

Managing personal data centres requires a great deal of complexity and cost, which is why brands are gradually moving towards cloud infra. Sitecore addresses this with Sitecore Managed Cloud, which provides brands with the ability to deploy upon their own Azure instance via Azure Marketplace or Toolkit, apart from the capacity to deploy on-premise, when required.

Maintenance and scale difficulties of running virtual machines in the cloud are also completely eliminated, as all Sitecote Cloud offerings are totally server-less.

Want to explore Sitecore, and the host of opportunities it holds to provide awe-inspiring customer experiences?

Shoutout to us at Altudo, and we’ll help you to let Sitecore, the leader in Web CMS - do wonders for your brand.

Akhil Mittal VP - Digital Solutions

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