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Digital Solutions for Manufacturing Marketers

We help B2B businesses keep pace with today’s quick-evolving marketing technology landscape. We enable them to remain competitive, scale, and generate revenue with effective buyer engagement strategies. Our end-to-end support services are closely knit with thought leadership/marketing expertise/industry expertise to drive maximum value.

Our Partners

In addition to these great partners, we look at each one of our clients as a partner.

Our Clients

Manufacturing Offerings

B2B Platform Development

Our B2B digital platform development services enable manufacturers to create professional, innovative and feature-packed digital environments that are scalable and secure. How we do it? - With Sitecore, Adobe, Salesforce, Acquia, BigCommerce, Shopify

Digital Strategy Consulting

We help clients make data-driven digital strategies to drive ROI. What do we offer? - A spectrum of go-to-market requirements including audits, workshops, and multi-year engagements

Digital Platform Migration

We help clients move to Martech platforms that enable them to stay ahead of the competition. What do we use? - Sitecore, Salesforce and enterprise tools that deliver high-performing, scalable digital infrastructures

Custom App Development

Our rapid-response team helps businesses build custom application to meet their omnichannel experience needs. How? - Designing, creating, and delivering multi-featured, cross-platform, native and hybrid mobile apps

Integration Services

Our integration services enable a seamless flow of data across platforms and solutions, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Martech ecosystem. What all do we integrate? - Sitecore, Salesforce, and other enterprise solutions

Support and Maintenance

We support our clients in maintaining strong security protocols and encryptions, and enable to deliver real-time solutions with minimal interruptions. What our support services include? - Managed services, devOps, maintenance packages

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What digital solutions for manufacturing are offered by Altudo?

Digital solutions for manufacturing at Altudo include B2B platform development, implementation, migration, integration, support and maintenance.

Is Digital strategy consulting offered by Altudo?

Yes, digital strategy consulting is offered by Altudo experts. It includes understanding of go-to-market requirements, along with platform recommendations.

What technology is used by Altudo for B2B platform development?

Altudo recommends building B2B platforms with Sitecore, Adobe, Acquia, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Shopify.

Does Altudo offer digital platform migration services?

Yes, Altudo enables clients to migrate from exiting platforms to scalable digital infrastructures by effectively integrating it into the existing Martech stack.

Does Altudo help in custom app development?

Altudo experts understand the individual needs of clients and customize solutions to meet the need of omnichannel experience.

Are platform integrations offered at Altudo?

Yes, Altudo offers platform integration services. Our team ensures seamless flow of data across platforms and solutions to maximize efficiency of Martech stack.

What support and maintenance services are offered by Altudo?

Altudo offers pro-active support and maintenance services for manufacturers with minimal interruptions.

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