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A leading financial service provider and insurer in the US—Sagicor is operational in 22 countries across the Caribbean, Latin America, and the UK, is expanding steadily. With digitization making people’s lives smarter, they needed to digitally enable their business for growth and help customers make better financial decisions.




Sagicor envisioned transforming its online presence to generate more leads, acquire new customers, and offer exceptional services to the existing customer base. Their objectives were to:

  • Improve customer experience by leveraging personalization across digital channels
  • Roll out an all-new digital experience to serve millennials better, with a clear focus on helping them make better financial decisions
  • Improve content management processes, streamline content workflows, which their existing legacy system did not support
  • Centralize and scale web page development for client-facing sites across locations
  • Improve time-to-market for marketing campaigns and brand messaging
  • Improve understanding of customer journeys, consumer behavior & insights through engagement analytics

How We Helped

Identifying opportunities to improve CX:

Our team of CX consultants and Digital experts conducted workshops with Sagicor’s cross-functional teams, to understand their challenge and plan a long-term CX roadmap

Leveraging Sitecore XP for Personalization and Customer Engagement:

  • We implemented the Sitecore XP and set up the Sitecore experience database XDB, re-imagining their website, implementing Helix architecture for optimization, and personalization
  • Their team can now set up profile and pattern cards, run cross channel promotions, setup product promotions, identify user journeys, and track users and their interests over multiple regions & time

Engagement Analytics:

We helped the client leverage Sitecore Analytics to track user(s) engagement more efficiently. They have now gained a 360-degree view of the customers, which enabled them to generate real-time personalization and drive contextual experiences throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Website Revamp:

  • We helped the client improve their CX by implementing essential design and architectural changes. This involved designing navigational elements, frameworks for reusable templates, media types for the rapid scaling of their content marketing efforts
  • The new workflows enabled the client to take their brand messaging to market faster, engage-convert website visitors & enhance their CX with a seamless website experience
  • We equipped the new, responsive website with Mobile-friendly Intuitive design, SEO-friendly content, powerful Azure search, Google maps integration, and the Sitecore Geo-Location- enhancing the customer experience


  • 40% Increase in Web traffic, reduced bounce rate, 34% increased leads generation from Website
  • Simplified Page structure, optimized with a responsive, intuitive design
  • Seamless, personalized website experience with 90% positive customer feedback
  • Time for content publication reduced to a few minutes from hours
  • Maintenance cost across multi-brand sites reduced by over 60%
  • Enhanced security with automated installations
  • SEO improved the website traffic coming from search engines by 18%
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