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Top 3 B2B Influencer Marketing Trends of 2019 to Help Your Brand Sail Ahead

Top 3 B2B Influencer Marketing

Over the years, Influencer Marketing has made significant strides to foster the reach of brand messaging for businesses, which is only slated to rise in 2019. Marketers have realized the tremendous potential of Influencer Marketing - 39% of marketers have stated in 2018 that they plan to increase their influencer marketing budget, as stated by Linqua.

The Why and What of Influencer Marketing

In a hyper-connected world, customers and looking to other customers - to take informed decisions while buying. However, marketers are facing immense issues to reach their target market with relevant brand messaging. At the root of this problem is – establishing trust! This is where the role of Influencer Marketing is irreplaceable.

In concise words, Influencer Marketing identifies people with huge social followings, who can sway opinion in favor of your brand. Thereby – you pay influencers to spread your brand messaging through guest blog posts, social media posts, etc, and give the age-old direct marketing strategy a rest.

Let us talk in detail about the top 3 trends that will impact Influencer Marketing, in the coming year.

1. Cracking ROI Measurement is Still a Tough Cookie!

According to HubSpot, 94% marketers say that Influencer Marketing is an effective campaign strategy, but 78% marketers point out that the top challenge of such campaigns in the coming years, is to determine the ROI. To better track the performance of your Influencer Marketing efforts – you need to collect and analyze data such as engagement of posts, addition of followers, and finally MQLs or sales generated.

Some of the guaranteed ways to produce better ROI are to – use trackable backlinks to your website, link a branded landing page to capture leads, crafting customized messaging for the target market, using and creating the adequate hashtags, and SEO optimization. In 2019, brands would hopefully measure ROI in an improved manner with the help of advanced influencer marketing tools.

Video Content Marketing’s Visible Future

2. Instagram Holds the Key – Yes, even with B2B Influencer Marketing

There are no two ways to putting this – Instagram has observed the most meteoric growth over the years – reaching 1 billion active users, on June 2018. eMarketer states that the social media app will make for over 28% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue. Going onto 2019, Instagram will continue to be the leading online platform for brand-influencer partnerships.

This is primarily because of a highly engaged community, filled with rich visual content. Beauty brands such as Morphe Brushes have already witnessed handsome from their 8.2 million followers, with the help of Influencer Marketing on Instagram. Other top brands like American Express and Microsoft also have joined this bandwagon with targeted Influencer Marketing campaigns on Insta, to reach out to small businesses.

3. UGC & The Swelling Need for 1:1 Personalized Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is being smartly used by brands, as it performs remarkably well on social media. Moreover, UGC through Influencer Marketing is being deployed across email, product-display page, and also in advertising campaigns. This approach helps provide customers with a tailored experience, while maintaining a consistent brand recall, across all channels of interaction.

This makes the need for 1:1 personalized content to drive revenue, all the more compelling. As we head towards 2019, 1:1 personalized content is what will make for successful marketing campaigns. In the age of digitalization, brands that can hold 1:1 customer conversations across channels will win the lion’s share of revenue.

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