About us

Young Fam is proudly designed and made in Canada. Our focus is creating unisex clothing and accessories for children. We are all about comfort, quality and want parents to feel good about purchasing our products. Transparency in our manufacturing process is important to us, as is giving our customers piece-of-mind that all our products are made by employees who are treated well and paid a fair wage. From start to finish, our clothes are 100 percent Canadian-made from sustainably-sourced fabrics and materials that our customers (and their little ones) will love.


Young Fam is a small business established by a mom with a desire to make cozy, unisex children's clothing and accessories. We believe children's clothing shold be fun, a little weird and always exciting! We also believe we can do better in how we make, purchase and use our clothing. Fashion Revolution non-profit fanzine, LOVED CLOTHES LAST says it perfect; "improving the way we buy, care for and dispose of our clothes is everyone's responsibility" especially in children's fashion, which is also why we decided to focus on high-quality, sustainable fabrics. Everything is ethically-made, made to last, and our designs are all unisex so you can pass our clothes down from one baby to the next.

Young Fam

Our patterns and graphics are designed in Alberta, Canada by Sarah Young and sent to our manufacturer in Calgary, Canada. After production, our garments are printed and then sent back to our Airdrie, Alberta location. Here, all final touches are completed and ready to be shipped to families across Canada and the U.S.


We take pride in our products and sincerely hope our garments and accessories can be a small part of your little one's growing world.

Thank you for supporting Young Fam Clothing!

Sarah Young